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Hosted Repository Collection Policy

  1. Introduction
  2. (1) Batchelor Institute seeks to create a consolidated archive of the research and other types of intellectual output of the Institute's academic staff, students and persons engaged by the Institute undertaking research activity on its behalf.

    (2) The repository will be maintained by the University of Southern Queensland Repository Services through a contractual agreement with Batchelor Institute. The University of Southampton, England, will host the repository.

  3. Purpose of Policy
  4. (1) This policy defines the scope of the hosted repository content and types of material that the Institute has determined are appropriate to populate it.

    (2) The repository will ensure preservation of research output and be a mechanism to meet the Institute's external reporting requirements as well as providing an open access to, and increasing the public awareness of, the research activity of the Institute and its important role in the preservation and protection of Indigenous knowledges.

  5. Application of Policy
  6. (1) This Policy applies to all Institute staff, students and Council members who are engaged in research activity by or for Batchelor Institute.

  7. Definitions
  8. Unless other specified, in this Policy:

    Open Access means the free availability of literature on the public internet, and external users have permission to any external uesrs to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles, or use them for any other lawful purposes, without financial, legal, or technical barriers encumbrance.

    Maintain means the establishment, customization and ongoing technical maintenance of the repository.

  9. Policy Statement
  10. (1) The repository is not intended to duplicate the Institute's Records Management Systems or the Library's collection management systems, which will still operate as the official administrative archives of the Institute.

    (2) This repository will archive output from the Institute's research and scholarly activities to:

      (a) meet the Institute's external reporting requirements to funding bodies and statistical data collection agencies;

      (b) provide a collection of research and scholarly outputs for internal reporting purposes; and

      (c) promote the Institute's research activities and outputs in wider fora.

    (3) Metadata will be extracted from the repository for inclusion in the Institute's Annual Report and to meet the Institute's external reporting requirements in relation to research activities.

    (4) All materials submitted for inclusion in the repository must have a relationship with Batchelor Institute; that is, at least one author must be formally associated with the Institute.

    All items should meet acceptable standards of intellectual quality. This typically would mean:

      (a) scholarly work published or accepted or submitted for publication in a refereed journal, conference proceedings, as a book or a book chapter; or

      (b) materials deposited on the advice of the relevant academic authority, or the Institute's Research Division.

    (6) For an article to be deposited in full, one of the following conditions must apply:

      (a) the author must hold the copyright; or

      (b) permission has been obtained from the publisher; or

      (c) the publisher as copyright holder allows the document to be held in an institutional repository.

  11. Review
  12. This is Version 2008-1 of the Hosted Repository Collection Policy, as recommended to the Director for approval by the Executive Management Group on 3 November 2008.

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